Stumble Guys 2

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We all like online racing and competition. When you just ride or run through the level, collecting bonuses and jumping over obstacles, it’s not so interesting. After all, you have enough time ahead of you and there is nowhere to rush. And in any case, you will pass this level, not earlier than later. Another thing is to compete with real people. You can expect anything from them and their actions are more difficult to calculate than standard AI maneuvers. So if you want to feel a real adrenaline rush, you should definitely play Stumble Guys 2!

Run, jump, roll and tumble!

This bright and dynamic game is built on the principle of the royal battle. Here you also have to compete with other players until there is only one winner. There will be a lot of you in the beginning too. But as you progress through the levels, some of the participants will be eliminated, only those who have shown maximum endurance, dexterity and cunning will remain. Yes, cunning is also important in this game, because the opponent running ahead can always be pushed into the ditch and thereby increase your chances of winning. It is not necessary to come to the finish line the very first – it is enough to get into that half of the players who will not be the last.

Great number of modes and real rivals!

Another standout feature of Stumble Guys 2 is the variety of levels and modes. You never know what kind of test awaits you next. Perhaps you will have to run through a long obstacle course, showing the wonders of acrobatics and jumping through hoops hanging in the air? Or balancing on ropes stretched over an abyss, where one wrong step can throw you several meters back? Or will you be divided into teams and you will play a crazy analogue of football? Or maybe climb a high mountain to the very top, dropping each other down?

There are a lot of such surprises in the game, so adrenaline and variety are guaranteed for you! You can also invite 2 friends to Stumble Guys and play with them. In the process of passing you will earn points and bonuses for which you can buy all kinds of skins for your character to make it recognizable on the map. There will be plenty of impressions, so dive into this wild action right now!

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