Bridge Race

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Racing is always fun and exciting. Especially when you don’t just have to finish the level in the fastest time possible or arrive at the finish line before your rivals even approach it, but also need to stick to some interesting rules making the gameplay more varied and fascinating. If you’re looking for something like that, it’s time to check out Bridge Race!

Build a bridge and get over to win the race!

The trick in this game is that the levels include a lot obstacles and very often you just find yourself standing at the edge of a deep abyss you can’t hop over. Then you need a bridge. But where you do get it? You can actually build it! To do that, you have to collect blocks of the same color as your character and use them to create a safe passage whenever you hit a rough spot like that. Try to pick up as much of the building material as possible – you don’t wanna run out of them right in the middle of another crossing!

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