Jelly World

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This guy may look a little bit bizarre and have a strange complexion. But he is actually very charming and hard not to fall in love with! You can easily check it by playing Jelly World! Here you need to guide the main character through ever more complicated obstacle courses and make sure he gets to the finish line safe and sound. Shall we begin?

Pass all the levels and score a record number of points!

Every new level in Jelly World will be more difficult than the previous, so even if you passed the first few ones like a piece of cake, don’t be in a hurry to write the game off as being too simple – the most complicated stuff is still waiting for you ahead! Your task is to control the slightest movements of the adorable jelly guy as he runs, jumps and tumbles through colorful locations trying to make it to the finish line in the shortest time possible while also collecting as many bonuses as he can. Your final score is important – it will define your ability to buy various cool upgrades for your hero!

Bright colors, great gameplay, plenty of fun!

Jelly World will surely be interesting and exciting for you if you love unpretentious arcades that don’t oblige you to memorize complex rules or follow some kind of story and just let you relax and have a great time. You can play this game anywhere and for any amount of time, be it just a few minutes or an entire day. Discover all the thrills and hardships of Jelly World playing this amazing game online either on your PC or smartphone!

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