Stumble Guys 3

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What do you imagine when you hear about battle royale? Probably a bloody massacre in some post-apocalyptic ruins. Or a super intense shooter where you land on an island with your bare hands, and someone is already shooting at you from nearby bushes and poisonous gas is coming from everywhere. But there are other games in this genre that won’t bore you with graphic violence and gory details. Everything here is fun and easy! These games include Stumble Guys 3, which will allow you to have a great time competing with real players for the championship in a series of crazy runs of funny characters across colorful locations!

Fun and madness!

As in any battle royale, here you need to win at any cost, even if it means throwing your opponent off the track he is running on. The only difference is that in Stumble Guys 3 all this looks like hilarious somersaults and falls, and the characters do not break to death, but only return to the last checkpoint from which they can continue moving. The main thing in this game is to run without ceasing, not to give up even if you fall and always look for ways to get ahead. Attentive players will surely see where you can shorten the path – the main thing is not to fall into one of the tricky traps scattered across the map.

Surprise in every round!

Each round in this game is a new unexpected test. You have to overcome breathtaking obstacle courses, jump through hoops, kick doors with your body without knowing which one will open and from which one you will fly off like a ball… By the way, the characters do look like yellow balls, so the association is very to the point. You will play various team games, throw eggs, climb and swing on ropes hanging in the air. In short, there will be no shortage of impressions! So stretch your fingers, get ready to hit the keys like crazy and enjoy every moment of Stumble Guys 3 against random players or your friends!

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