Fall Guys Knockoff

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Welcome to a funny racing adventure – Fall Guys Knockoff! It is even more exciting than its original. Now, you will have a great opportunity to take part in an insane race with dozens of other players where only one will become a winner! Are you ready for such a challenge? There are several rounds to go through, and every time, the weakest players will leave the game.

Be smart to win!

You will find yourself in a world of cute characters that do not stop for a second. You will also need to create a hero like them and join this crazy crowd for a thrilling marathon. This obstacle course is full of all sorts of surprises you can imagine – traps, trampolines and other barriers. You need to demonstrate the best reaction to overcome all of them in time. Do not forget that all your opponents will only wait for the moment to kick you off. So be strong to win!

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