Fall Beans

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These little round creatures may look funny and clumsy, but they’re actually pretty good runners. You can see that with your own eyes if you launch Fall Beans! Here you will take part in a thrilling race that will consists of various rounds with unique tasks. See if you can get to the end of another level faster than most of your rivals!

Gripping obstacle courses and thrilling races!

Each match includes up to 50 participants. All of them are real people, so don’t expect it’s going to be easy! You’ll be running down tricky obstacle courses, jump and tumble, avoid traps and balance on narrow bridges, spring through hoops and play a weird kind of football in teams. It’s going to be a fun and exciting experience that will surely set the mood for the whole day! Every time the levels are chosen randomly, so you won’t know what’s waiting for you in the next round. Enjoy the gameplay and try to outrun your opponents on the way to the finish line!

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