Among Us

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All events unfold on a spaceship where you will dive into an exciting detective adventure. You will become a member of the astronaut crew. The story unveils during the flight of your aircraft, and every team member is involved in servicing it. But suddenly, one astronaut is killed. Who could do it or was it just an accident? This is what you need to investigate!

Find the Impostor!

When a new killing occurs, it becomes clear enough that someone in your team is a murderer! Who is he? You will have to inspect the crime scene and find some traces. Negotiate with other astronauts and decide who is to be blamed. Note, you will not always make the right decision. The best thing about Among Us is that you can also play for Impostor. In this case, your ultimate goal is to kill everyone around. The best approach is to test both roles for the best gaming experience.

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