Bomb Prank

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We bet you have never played anything similar to this game. It is multiplayer entertainment where you will interact with a bomb! But do not think you will have to explode it! On the contrary, you need to do all in your power to prevent it from happening.

Hand the bomb over!

Someone has already ignited the bomb, and it is going to detonate in a minute or two. But you do not want it to happen in your hands, right? So you need to do all possible to pass it to your neighbor as soon as possible to remain alive. It will be a real challenge as each player tries to avoid the painful outcome. Time is ticking, and literally seconds remain before the game is over! Will you be the one who manages to survive? Only the most agile players will succeed in this nerve-wracking adventure! Test your reaction and luck! The feeling of risk and danger has never been so high!

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