Fall Of Guyz Rocket Hero

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When someone attacks your home city, you have no other choice, but to stand up and fight! You will have to do it controlling a little man armed with a rocket launcher. You have to use this weapon to eliminate numerous enemies that have taken up steady positions on various towers scattered around the map. Do you think you’re ready for such a challenge? Then let’s begin!

The fate of the city is up to you!

You will have to demonstrate amazing reflexes and caution moving around the town filled with enemies. Another bullet may come at you from any direction. So stay on your guard and be ready to dodge the sudden threat. Luckily, you can always find some sort of cover in the vicinity. And you can take your foes down one by one with precise shots from your own weapons! That can be upgraded and replaced with more powerful varieties in the process. Start your noble mission, protect the city from the invaders and good luck!

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