Chibi Fall Guys Run Knockdown

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If you already played Fall Guys, you know exactly what to expect from the gameplay. However, there is always something new to add, and this time you’ll be playing as one of the charming Chibi characters! Race through the vibrant and daring levels of your favorite bloodless battle royale once again and see if your cutie can come to the finish line first!

Fall Guys – a Chibi style version!

Just like before, it will be a competition between at least fifty players consisting of several rounds. In each of the rounds, part of the players will drop out. So it’s very important to be as fast as possible and also highly careful – if you fall, you get thrown back to the last checkpoint and that means your opponents will get a head start. But maybe not for long because you can never know how the events will turn another minute! Anyway, keep pushing ahead, enjoy the adrenaline and most importantly, simply have fun!

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