Fall Boys And Girls

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Are you up for a riveting race on a variety of obstacle-packed levels? Then welcome to Run Boys multiplayer! Here you will have a chance to compete against real people which is much more exciting and interesting than fighting with bots. Are you ready to begin? Then let’s go!

Run, fall, get up and run again!

You will start your race with a whole crowd of other players. Each of them wants to be the first to finish off, so there will be a lot of competition and everyone will be pushing you off the track. You must do the same because the more people lag behind the more chances you have of getting to the finish line before they do! There are plenty of incredible running locations waiting for you that will test your reflexes and agility. The hurdles will be different every time making your wonder what the developers have prepared for you next. Start playing Run Boys online and see if you can outrun all of your opponents and become the winner!

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