Pet Simulator X

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Are you fond of animals and dream to have dozens of pets? It may sound unrealistic in real life, but you can easily realize your dream in Pet Simulator X. Here, you will have as many animals as you with. And the most thrilling thing is that you will have to hatch them off from plain eggs! You will start with one egg only and soon will have a cat or a dog. But do not stop – buy new eggs and get more virtual friends.

Get the best pet collection ever!

The main task of each player is to collect as many pets possible. And you should try and get eggs of rare personages. The developers do not stop the work on this entertainment, and you will regularly see new characters being added to the menu. Now, you can even purchase eggs of mystic creatures. Once you have many pets – you are free to exchange them or trade them with other players. The gameplay is practically endless – you will love it!

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