Fall Race Season 2

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There is nothing to spruce up your day and raise your mood like another Fall Race match! And now, in Season 2, there are even more amazing maps to check out and tricky hurdles to overcome! The goal of the game is to do everything in your power to reach the finish line among the first. The rest will fly out of the competition, so you just can’t afford to fall behind!

Join the race and have fun!

Each round of the match is a new trial, and you never know what kind of a challenge is waiting for you next. That’s what makes Fall Race so great and unpredictable, along with the fact that you’ll be competing against real players who all act unexpectedly and force you to be flexible in the choice of tactics and always stay on your guard. Plunge into this colorful and exciting world of races and contests, guide your character through all the hindrances and take your chance at winning the crown of the champion that is waiting for the one who will get through all the rounds the most complicated obstacles!

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