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4 stars (3votes)

If you love games with ridiculous plots and lots of fun, is a great option for you. It is a kind of battle royale but with a humorous coloring. You will find yourself in a big arena together with other players. And your task is to get rid of all them before they do the same with you.

Fight without a stop!

How can you kick off your opponents from the game? Everything is simple – you need to push them off the arena. Each deleted opponent will bring you points and will make you stronger. The game offers a lot of different 3D maps for more fun – make sure you test all of them. All you need is to demonstrate your super power and deal with all your adversaries without hesitation. Pump your personage and show everyone around who is a real boss here! The process is incredibly engaging and will bring you lots of pleasant moments! Time to enjoy it!

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