Aquarium Land

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Having an aquarium is a relaxing and delightful hobby. It’s so great to rest up watching the fish swim around their bowl among the algae! A sight like that can be compared to a little meditation. And it’s also fun to buy new and new fish to add there and make your aquarium more and more beautiful and comfortable. Now you don’t even have to do it in real life – it’s enough to play Aquarium Land!

What your virtual aquarium will be like?

Here you can create your own unique and amazing aquarium and make it a real paradise for scaled inhabitants. There are dozens of fish species for you to unlock and you can keep expanding your virtual fishing bowl by discovering their new varieties every time you score another achievement or accumulate the required sum of money. In much the same way, you can improve the aquarium itself buying a new water filter, various fish houses and decorations. Start playing and enjoy every minute!

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