Challenge The Runners

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Lack some adrenaline and fresh emotions? Then welcome to this battle royale race! This is yet another game inspired by Fall Guys and the likes. Your goal here is to make it into the first ranks of those who reach the finish line otherwise you’ll drop out. Every level is different and filled with unique obstacles. Will you be able to get over each of them?

Race against hundreds of people online!

The match usually includes 50 players that will start racing once there is the required number of participants in the room. Some of them can be replaced by bots, but mostly you’ll have to play against real people which makes the whole process much more exciting. At the end of each level, there will be less and less runners left until there is only a bunch of champions competing in the final round. Prepare to push and shove your opponents in an attempt to pull ahead and watch out for their own foul tricks because it’s every man for oneself!

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