Embark on a wild race!

In Stumble Guys, you are about to meet people in love with this game from the whole world. The players are arranged into rooms – the minimal number of participants is 32. If this number can’t be achieved, the system adds a bunch of bots. Once everyone is ready, the first round begins. The game offers a lot of maps and types of contests, and they are mixed up randomly, so you don’t know what is waiting for you next. And that makes playing it even more fascinating!

Most of the times, you’ll have to reach the finish line among the first making your way through some sort of an obstacle course. But the conditions will be changing all the time. Whether you need to run hopping over hurdles, or swing on a rope jumping through giant hoops like a real acrobat, or race along shaky boards connecting platforms hanging in the air at the risk of falling down if you make a single false move, or doing anything else – you need to demonstrate quick reaction and beware of your rivals. They will surely try to knock you down. And if you fall, you will have to start from the latest checkpoint. So be very careful!

Win, fail and try again!

Aside from regular games, Stumble Guys offers tournaments where you can earn valuable rewards and significantly increase your rating. The leaderboards are updated regularly, so you always have a chance to see your name on top of it if you spend enough time in the game and get more and more experienced in it. Of course, it’s not always about skills, sometimes it’s sheer luck, so you shouldn’t get too upset if you lose a match. And also you can’t possibly hope to win each one of them, so let’s perceive your failures with a good laugh! Besides, the game is so colorful and fun, it has such a positive atmosphere that you will immediately forget about everything bothering you and spend a great time from the very first to the very last minutes of playing it! Start this very moment and find out more!

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